Classification of Repairs

Wishaw and District Housing does not just carry out repairs that are reported to the office on a day-to-day basis but also tries to plan for the future maintenance needs of the properties.  For these reasons there are a number of categories of repairs each with a different method of organising the work and separate funding arrangements:

Reactive Repairs (sometimes called DAY-TO-DAY REPAIRS) are where Wishaw and District Housing responds to repairs that tenants report to the office on an individual basis.  All our emergency, urgent and routine repairs fall into this category.
Cyclical Maintenance

is work that is carried out annually or as part of an ongoing cycle.  The Cyclical Maintenance Programme is designed to make sure that Wishaw and District Housing properties are kept to a good standard and includes works such as:

  • annual gutter cleaning
  • annual gas checks
  • external painting works every 5 years
Planned Maintenance is usually major work that Wishaw and District Housing knows will be required in the future as the structure of the property and/or fitments in the house get old and need to be replaced or changed to meet modern day standards.  Planned maintenance would include works such as:
  • renewing roofs
  • replacing kitchens or bathrooms
  • upgrading central heating systems
Major Repairs would be carried out to properties where serious defects have been identified.  Usually these would be structural.