Factoring Service

Wishaw and District Housing aims to provide a comprehensive Factoring Service to ensure that the common parts of our buildings and developments are maintained to the highest possible standard.  Staff carry out regular inspections to identify any repair or maintenance work that needs to be done to keep the areas clean, tidy and safe.  The type of work we carry out includes;

  • Landscaping of common areas, including grass cutting, maintaining shrub beds and pruning trees
  • Repairing and painting of boundary fences and public gates
  • Removal of grafitti and rubbish
  • Maintaining play areas, if any
  • Maintaining and repairing common parts in flats such as the gutters, roofs and external walls
  • Maintaining common lighting in backcourt areas
  • Liaising with North Lanarkshire Council on the upkeep of public footpaths and car parking
  • Organising and supervising maintenance contracts

Our owners and sharing owners will have received our written Statement of Service, outlining our service to them.

The costs we charge back to residents are the actual costs of any work undertaken and Wishaw & District Housing makes no profit from carrying out the role of factor.  It does however have to charge a management fee to cover the costs of employing staff to carry out the factoring function.  We will make every effort to ensure that our management fee is kept as low as possible.

We issue an annual factoring invoice to owners who receive a factoring service from us, with a breakdown of all the charges issued for the the relevant period. Owners in tenement buildings will be invoiced on a 6 monthly basis.

Full payment of your factoring invoice is due within 30 days of receipt. However you can make an arrangement with Wishaw and District Housing to make monthly or weekly payments, or set up a direct debit with us to spread the cost all year round.