The ultimate sanction for tenants of Wishaw and District Housing Association who breach their tenancy agreement is eviction from their home.  Similar action can be taken for sharing owners.

If the Association is considering taking court action for eviction against a tenant, it must firstly serve a Notice of Proceedings against the tenant, any joint tenant and any qualifiying occupiers.  If you are serviced with a Notice of Proceedings it is extremely important that you contact your Housing Officer immediately.

Once the four week notice period has expired Wishaw and District Housing Association can then apply to the court for a hearing date when it can ask for a Decree for Eviction.  You will receive notification from the court of the date and time when your case is to be heard.  You are strongly advised to contact your Housing Officer and/or get independent advice.

More advice on what to do if you are served with a Notice of Proceedings or a court summons is given in Wishaw and District Housing Association's Evictions information leaflet.

Sharing owners are served with a Default Notice which is, in effect, notification that the Association intends to pursue legal action against you.  Again, you will be advised of the date and time that the case is being heard in court and when the sheriff will decide if your property should be repossessed.