Moving Out

When you are leaving your home we would ask you to leave it in the same condition you would want if you were moving in. If you have a power card meter we would also ask that you make sure to leave some credit in it as it can cause the Association and the incoming tenant some difficulties if the meter is empty.

After the pre-termination inspection you will be advised of any work you need to do in the property before you leave. Any work not done or found to be required after you have left will be carried out by Wishaw and District Housing Association and the costs recharged to you.

Some of the things you also need to do before you leave are;

  • Pay any outstanding rent
  • Redirect your mail
  • Provide your gas and electricity suppliers with final meter readings
  • Advise people like your bank, doctor etc of your forwarding address
  • Contact the benefits agency and advise of your move
  • Hand all the keys for the property into the office before noon on the day you are leaving

More advice on what you need to do when moving out is contained in the information leaflet A guide to Terminating your Tenancy and a guidance on the condition we expect your property to be in when you hand in the keys in the Moving Out leaflet.