Termination of Tenancy

.... Letting Wishaw and District Housing know

You must give us 28 days written notice that you intend to give up your tenancy unless you have come to an alternative arrangement with us.

You can download the Termination of Tenancy Notice and return the completed form to the office. Once we have received this we will confirm;

  • The date your tenancy ends with Trust Housing Association (Wishaw and District Housing) 
  • How much (if any) rent you will owe up to the date your tenancy ends 
  • A date for the pre-termination inspection of your home

Don't worry if you change your mind as you can withdraw your termination notice but you must let the office know you are no longer leaving as soon as possible and certainly before the date your tenancy is due to end.

You can also amend your tenancy end date if you need more time to move out but again, please let the office know as soon as possible.