Anti Social Behaviour

Trust Housing Association believes that every one of our tenants (Wishaw and District Housing) has the right to feel safe in their home and to enjoy living there peacefully.  Nobody should have to put up with constant noise and disruption and we therefore strive to demonstrate a 'zero tolerance' approach to anti social behaviour.

We recognise that taking early, effective action is the best way to resolve issues successfully and we seek to do this with the co-operation of everyone involved.  We work closely with others to find a solution to anti-social problems, particularly the Police and North Lanarkshire Council's Anti-Social Behaviour Investigators.

Although we view taking legal action as the absolute last resort, we will go to court seeking an Anti-Social Behaviour Order and/or Decree for Eviction against persistent offenders if necessary.

If you are experiencing any form of anti-social behaviour while in your own home, please let us know. You can either contact your Housing Officer directly or complete and submit the on-line complaints form. If it is happening outwith the our opening hours, we have an arrangement with North Lanarkshire Council to provide our tenants with an out-of-hours service.

The Out of Hours service can be contacted on
0300 123 1382