Local Area Committee

The Local Area Committee will be running from January 2020 and the key role will be to oversee the delivery of Trust's tenant promises, however there is a wider remit as detailed below:

  • To monitor performance and service levels and prioritise the investment programme.
  • To prioritise areas of expenditure funded by the £1m set out in Trust's tenant promises. Any recommendations should be consistent with Trust's asset management strategy and in line with stock condition surveys, Scottish Housing Quality Standard (SHQS) and EESSH standards, and compliant with gas and fire safety standards.
  • To participate in any working groups established on local development, in particular to have input in the new-build projects in the area.
  • To monitor performance and have input in target-setting, and to implement improvement plans where necessary.
  • To monitor progress towards compliance with the SHQS and EESSH, and to highlight any possible failures to achieve compliance to Trust's Board.

The Wishaw and District Committee can also make recommendations at all times to the Trust Board on particular issues relevant to local tenants.