PLEASE NOTE, due to the current circumstances, we will not be facilitating any mutual exchantes until further notice.

Mutual Exchange

Trust (Wishaw & District Housing) tenants can apply to swap their house with another social housing tenant, including those of other Housing Associations and Local Authorities. 

Anyone can register with Wishaw and District Housing and the details of their property will be publicly displayed on our Mututal Exchange Register in our reception and on our website.  If you wish to register with Wishaw and District Housing you can download the Mutual Exchange Register Form or alternatively this can be obtained from our office.

Wishaw and District Housing's mutual exchange board enables you to see if anyone is looking for your size and type of house in your area. You should also check if the Council and Housing Associations in the area you wish to move to have a notice board by contacting them directly or checking their website.

If you see a property on our mutual exchange board that you are interested in you can complete our on-line Notice of Interest Form or obtain a form from our office.  We will then pass your details to the registered tenant who will decide whether they wish to contact you and pursue an exchange.

Additionally, the Common Housing Register also incorporates a mutual exchange list.  If you rent your current home from any registered social landlord such as North Lanarkshire Council or a Housing Association you can opt to be placed on the mutual exchange list whilst you are completing your CHR form.

Applying for Permission for a Mutual Exchange

Once you have found someone that agrees to exchange with you BOTH parties must complete the Mutual Exchange Application Form before submitting it to the office AND should also apply to the other landlord if applicable.

Further details on Mutual Exchanges can be found in the Mutual Exchange Policy and Mutual Exchange Leaflet.