Wishaw and District Housing Association's Mission Statement

"to be the community based provider of good quality, affordable homes and services for those in housing need within Wishaw and its surrounding communities"

Our Vision

Wishaw and District Housing Association Ltd aims to be the 'go to' social landlord for customers and partners in Wishaw and its surrounding communities and aims to create an area where people choose to live and work.

Our Values

The following values will shape how we achieve our mission and the strategic objectives set out in the Business plan.  They underpin all the work that we do.

Community  Based Wishaw and District Housing Association Ltd wants to work together with all members of the local community.  This includes working collectively and individually with our customers and with other statutory, voluntary and private organisations working in Wishaw to improve the lives of the residents.
Service Excellence Wishaw and District Housing Association Ltd aims to provide affordable, customer focused services of the highest possible standard.
Value for Money To provide excellence in service and remain affordable means a relentless focus on value for money.  Ensuring that the maximum value is secured for every penny spent.
People Focus We believe it is people that define what we do and ensure we make a difference; therefore we are committed to supporting the continued growth and development of our people.  This will ensure that we deliver strong, effective governance and excellent services.
Diversity We believe all people should be treated with equal respect, irrespective of age, gender, physical ability, race, ethnic background or sexual orientation.  We will ensure that all our actions, policies and procedures support equality for all.
Transparency We aim to hold ourselves accountable to the communites we serve, the partners we work with and the agencies and public that support us.  This means providing the appropriate information all stakeholders and partners need in order to assess the performance of the organisation and be able to contribute effectively to its development.

Our Objectives

  1. Controlling our Destiny

  2. Delighting Customers - maintain and improve our top quartile performance in relation to service delivery and tenant satisfaction.

  3. Providing Good Quality Homes

  4. Maintaining Good Quality Homes

  5. Funding our Future

  6. Team One - establish a strong team spirit across the whole of the organisation focused on high quality customer service.